Letter to Putin – January 11th, 2020

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Hello again Vladimir, I am now officially speaking to the American public that I, Steven Lee Katz, have begun to run for the Presidency of the United States. Humbly speaking, nobody knows who I am at this moment in time but hopefully in the coming months, they will see and hear about me via our website, plus doing call-in radio show interviews and doing our best with quality/intelligent TWEETS and informative messages on our Facebook page. We also have a Trilogy that in different chapters posted FREE on our web site introduces our party to the world, and some chapters put the reader into many of the wild various adventurous assignments and personal in-house work my close dear friend/co-writer and myself fluidly shared our lives in. The Trilogy was started in April of 1998, and we steadily just kept working on it together and apart, and little by little it all finally came together. 

Here is the name of our website www.mayflowercompactpatriots.com 

Here is the name of our new political party—Mayflower Compact Patriots 

Here is the name of our TWITTER account— @compactpatriots

Here is the name of our FACEBOOK account— @mayflowercompactpatriots

Vladimir, I have been writing to you for over 5 years now (10-20-14) and I humbly feel it is important that YOU and your people study what I have to say, especially now, since I am going to do my best to become the future president of the United States. That being said, please go to our website and click on the menu bar that says ‘About Us’. Then click on the drop box that says ‘My Putin Connection’, and I hope after reading it you and all of your people will understand a little bit more about me and my important ‘CAUSES’ I am going to be fighting for. I also hope that you and your people study the entire website, because I am holding nothing back about the danger our entire planet is in, especially because of the potential chances of the ROGUE men and women working inside the hidden away Iranian nuclear enriching Uranium underground facilities. We know all about them and there can be absolutely no denying what I just said. The hidden sites are a FACT! 

Obama’s nuclear negotiations throughout the process were a complete scam and TRAITOROUS sell out of America, and you know it and used it all to your total advantage. The X-president and John Kerry gave Iran everything they wanted, and again you know it and I damn well know it, and I will debate anyone in my Nation about that fact, especially the corrupt BIAS mainstream corrupt media of my country. Sorry for the slight digression and anger, but being truthful and real, I’ve done that before over the years with some of my letters to you. I’ve talked about the sick media before with you, and now almost all of the mainstream media organizations in my country have really gone HARD LEFT LEANING since Trump won the election, and have become nothing more than a very sick enterprise of doing their best to BRAINWASH the American public with hatred towards Trump, hatred towards you and all other kinds of HATE-HATE-HATE irresponsible nonsense. 

Moving on, now Iran says that they are not going to comply at all with any of the remaining countries in the so-called negotiated deal (1-9-20), and that is exactly what I knew they were going to do all along, but as I said above, we’ve known they’ve been running wild with hidden nuclear enriching Uranium facilities almost from day one of the signings of that useless traitorous NON-AGREEMENT. 

Let’s not bullshit and play around here because the stakes for the future are way too high. Iran never was complying in the first place and their work on making enriched Uranium for weapon use was always their long-range master plan. They tried telling the world their plans were for creating and providing electricity for the Iranian people, but you and I both know that was a total outright lie from day one. (Your English-speaking people must read our Trilogy, and afterward, it must be clearly translated to you). Obama sold America OUT, and that also means he sold the WORLD OUT, and for my life-time of deep respect for Mother Nature, he horrendously sold the Planet OUT!

Moving on, you also need to read what I personally wrote to you in the Mission Statement, specifically starting at the 5th paragraph from the top, and continuing down three more short but very strong and seriously important paragraphs. My thoughts and attempted positive moves and well wishes towards saving our two Nations, and Israel’s too, and again not to be forgotten, Mother Nature. I have been sensing and seeing multiple suitcase nuclear attacks coming, especially since the completion of that 2015 traitorous giveaway by Obama. If I become the president of the United States, I am going to want you to help me immediately make all of the world saver from these possible multiple deadly nuclear explosions. 

I am going to be strongly TWEETING in the near future to hopefully get our new political parties message out into the world, and especially my country, and I also will be beginning soon to do PODCASTS directed to the people of my nation, and also at times to the whole entire world. And you will see and hear you too Vladimir will be strongly included in all of my Podcast messages. Maybe one day the sick controlled BRAINWASHING democratic BIAS mainstream news media (cable too) will attack me like they do Trump, and say that I am colluding with Russia, or even worse, directly communicating and colluding with you. Well obviously, that has been my goal for many years by admitting here what’s been going on, and I’ve been doing that because I have clearly known that our entire planet will be in danger if Iran isn’t STOPPED RIGHT NOW from enriching Uranium. (Again, it’s all spelled out in various chapters in the Trilogy). My goal if I am president is to negotiate a strong new comprehensive nuclear deal with Iran, with you step by step alongside me equally helping me with this extremely important task. The world needs PEACE NOT!

Moving on, our country advised you recently (CLASSIFIED-late 2019) about a terrorist attack that was going to be happening at St. Petersburg Russia, and that is the exact kind of co-operation and solidarity that my co-writer and I have been writing about for years in our Trilogy. The threat of a suitcase nuclear terrorist attack is very real to my country and yours, and I believe you and I CANNOT condemn Trump for making the (K) decision he did to take out an Iranian high ranking military man that has caused many deaths and disfigurement to our brave servicemen and women. And truth be told from our own network of penetrating information gathering, this Iranian general has not always been what he tried to portray to your generals and counterparts of your country he interacted regularly with.  

You know and I know this man was designing more horrible plans for very serious attacks on American men and women soldiers on all the foreign lands they were stationed at, and eventually he would get bolder and come to the USA and try to create atrocious acts which would cause chaos and mayhem. These monstrous terrorism type plans should never be taken lightly, and that’s why they have to be stopped, but if they should ever happen on any scale, large or small, then I and hundreds of millions of Americans will rise up strong like LIONS and back our president to destroy whoever comes to destroy our peaceful existence here on our homeland.

The reality that Iran is going to switch from an OVERT strategy to a COVERT one is very real, and if they should give the signal for their well-hidden sleeper cells to go active in America, then they will be inviting a future complete wiping out of Iran’s entire infrastructure and everything else those Mullahs cherish, including whatever is remaining of the backing of the millions of good people of Iran. These folks deserve much better treatment from those angry bearded men, and the population of Iran should look at Obama as the complete fool who gave those men BILLIONS of DOLLARS and then set the wheels in motion to enable them to have a stronger war footing all over the middle east, but gave nothing of that money to the people for their own lives and betterment of their own country. 

Vladimir, I’m not hesitating here to tell you to wake the Mullahs UP, for the fact that if those hidden sleeper cells go active on my homeland, then expect Iran to be wiped off the face of the map themselves, just like they threaten always to do to Israel and the USA.  

On the same note of our countries doing our best to co-operate with each other, one of your naval ships in the Northern Arabian Sea made a totally unprovoked aggressive move in broad daylight on the back end of one of our American Destroyer ships. You and I know this reckless behavior is totally unnecessary, and definitely serves no purpose in promoting good-will between our countries. Both our sides have to stop playing these dangerous games because that’s how dumb S*** leads to bigger problems. The captain of your countries ship sure doesn’t deserve any medals or rewards for the foolish and dangerous moves he made, but he does need to be questioned about what was he thinking . . .Alright, Nuff Said

Look closely at the title of our third Trilogy, and understand that my partner and I wrote that many years ago with our goal of directly sending to you that well-meant peaceful message.

‘Thoughts Manifest Energy—Cooler Heads Must Prevail’

I know you understand what I am saying because I’ve often spoken about Cooler Heads Must Prevail. I have written to you many times and I wish one day we can discuss all of this in a peaceful setting surrounded by a beautiful pond of Koi Fish. You are very fortunate, for I have seen the peaceful pond and colorful gardens you can go to whenever you have time, and for me, there is nothing so perfect as to have one’s eyes focused on harmonious Koi Fish swimming around, and thus having the chance for one’s mind to be able to enter into a Spiritual Vein of Tranquility. 

~ ~ ~

I am who I am, and today and every day I am with The Lord and have been a Jew for Jesus since I was six years old. Now I am 70 years young at heart, trying day by day to mature as best as one can, and still staying strong with a forever traveling spirit of goodness will overcome evil. I am not religious but have a strong spiritual mindset with Nature, and this way of living my life makes me feel well-grounded, and at peace. 

Vladimir, our countries must come together and make a real step by step effort of bringing on a True Peaceful co-existence. We share many enemies and dangers that are lurking out there, so I say this to you again, and that is if I am blessed to reach the presidency, I hope you will help my CAUSE to bring on a real nuclear weapons freeze with Iran, for it is needed more than ever. If we don’t bring on this FREEZE I speak of, then I don’t want to even imagine what I see coming to your country, to Israel and my country in October of 2023. 

Our two countries and many more will be entering far more dangerous times that we are presently in, and believe me when I say this, I am sincerely worried about the Health of the Planet (BIODIVERSITY). Look at the artwork and Title of Book Two, ‘Survival of the Deadliest’. My buddy (co-writer) and I almost from day one when we met in Acapulco in 1973, started talking about Mother Nature, and he noticed how I always would say that she’s the second strongest force on the Planet. I specifically wrote the Title and Sub Title for Book Two, to be a wake-up call for all World Leaders. Both Titles are strong statements I had to make, if I may be so humbly able to say. 

Maybe you would be interested in what I had to say about Mother Nature in a short Tribute that is titled, ‘I’ve Got Your Back Mother Nature’.  You can find that in our Flash Rapid News drop box menu bar. 

Ok Vladimir, thank you for your time. 

May I say all of our futures are in God’s Hands, so I hope he helps us make wise Decisions.

Strength and Honor,

Sincerely, SLK